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Acknowledging, Emailing, and Clearing Alarms

  1. To acknowledge an alarm, select the alarm from the table, right-click and select Acknowledge.

    The alarm is set to "Acknowledged" and turns grey, or, if "Hide Acknowledged" has been selected, is removed from the list.


    Alarm acknowledgements are part of the replicated data set when running with multiple servers. For more information on replicated data, see Running Multiple Servers with Server Replication.

  2. To hide acknowledged alarms, right-click on the Alarms tab and choose Hide Acknowledged. All alarms that are set to "Acknowledged" are removed from the alarms list. The alarms remain in the server and are available to other clients.
  3. To show acknowledged alarms, right-click on the Alarms tab and choose Show Acknowledged. Acknowledged alarms are displayed and are grey in color.
  4. To unacknowledge all alarms on the client, right-click the Alarms view heading and select Unacknowledge All.
  5. To email details about one or more alarms, select one or more alarms (by holding the Shift or Ctrl key on the keyboard) from the list, right-click and select Alarm Details >Email. A new email is created in your local email application with the details of all the selected alarms populated in the body of the email.

  6. You cannot clear an NE-generated alarm. You can only clear alarms that have been generated by the PSM. To manually clear a PSM-generated alarm, right-click on the alarm and choose Clear NMS Generated Alarm. Once cleared, you cannot restore an alarm.