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Changing a Site's Attributes


You can change the name and placement of a site on the topology Map.


It is recommended that you make these changes using the procedure below. If you modify a site's coordinates from the PSM client, the site is not redrawn on the proNX Service Manager Dashboard topology Map until you exit and reenter the Map.

  1. Click on the Map icon in the left sidebar.

    The topology Map is displayed, showing existing sites and links between sites.

  2. Click on the site that you want to change.

    The site information box is displayed in the upper left corner.

  3. Click on the Edit icon to change the site's attributes.

    The Edit Site dialog appears displaying the following information:

    • The site's name.

    • The site's latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal notation. A latitude is positive for locations north of the equator. A latitude is negative for locations south of the equator. A longitude is positive when referencing a location in the eastward direction from the prime meridian. A longitude is negative when referencing a location in the westward direction from the prime meridian.

  4. To change the site's name, click on the name and type in the new name.

    For rules on the validity of the name, see the proNX Service Manager User Guide.

  5. To change the site's coordinates, click on the location and type in the new coordinates in decimal notation.
  6. Click Save.

    The site is displayed at its new location with its new name, if applicable.