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    Installing the PSM Client Using the Wizard

    Use this procedure to install the PSM client on Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), Linux, or MAC OS X. A user must have administrator privileges to install the PSM client, but does not need administrator privileges to run the client.

    • See PSM Client Requirements.
    • On Linux, ensure the package libgnome2.0 is installed. This package is required even if you are not running a Gnome desktop.
    • On MAC OS X, ensure you can install applications from all sources. Go to System Preferences >Security & Privacy and select the General tab. Set Allow applications downloaded from: to Anywhere. You might have to unlock the Security & Privacy window to make the change.
    1. The PSM client wizard installer consists of a file for each operating system. The installer is included in the installation DVD, and can also be downloaded directly from the PSM server. In your web browser, go to https://<server>:9998/client, where <server> is the IP address of the workstation on which PSM server is installed. For example:

      Enter your username and password if prompted.

      The installer files are as follows:

      • Windows - psmclient-xxx-windows.exe
      • OS X - psmclient-xxx-macosx.tgz
      • Linux -

      where xxx is the release number.

    2. Click the appropriate PSM client installer and save it to the local machine.
    3. Launch and run the installer. If a user account control dialog appears, click to allow the installer to run.

      The client installer splash screen is displayed.

      Note: In certain versions of MAC OS X, if you use a non-Safari browser (for example, Chrome or Firefox) to unpack the archive, this step might fail with an "Unable to unarchive psmclient-xxx-macosx.tgz into Downloads" error message. If you encounter this error, use Safari to launch the installer, or open a terminal shell and manually uncompress and unarchive the installer files:

      tar -xzvf psmclient-xxx-macosx.tgz
    4. Click Next.
    5. Read the EULA and select the I accept the terms in the license agreement check box if you agree.
    6. Accept the default install path, or specify the path where you want to install the PSM client and click Next.
    7. Click Install.

      The wizard installs the PSM client.

    8. When the wizard is complete, click Finish.

      Shortcut icons are placed on the desktop as well as in the Start menu.

      Note: If you are installing the client on a Windows 32-bit operating system, see Configuring the PSM Server for a 32-bit Windows Client.

      To launch the client, see Starting the PSM Client.

    This procedure is complete.

    Modified: 2017-11-07