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    Working with the PSM Client Window System

    Use this procedure to dock, float (undock), maximize, minimize, drag-and-drop, or manipulate a window.

    The PSM window system lets you maximize/minimize, dock/undock, and drag-and-drop windows. The PSM client leverages Java Swing, which is the standard UI toolkit on the Java desktop, and is used throughout the PSM client platform. This solution allows the portability of GUI components across all operating systems allowing Juniper Networks to offer the PSM client on common operating systems.

    1. To dock, float, maximize or minimize a window, click inside the window and select Window >Configure Window from the main menu.

      1. Select Maximize to maximize the window. Clear it to restore the window to its regular size.
      2. Select Float to undock the window. If the window has tabs, then this undocks the current tab.
      3. Select Float Group to undock the window with all tabs intact.
      4. Select Minimize to minimize the window.
      5. Select Dock to dock the window.
      6. Select Dock Group to dock the window with all tabs intact.
      7. Select New Document Tab Group to create a new tab group in the current window. The current window is split into two side-by-side panels, with each panel having its own set of tabs.
      8. Select Collapse Document Tab Group to combine the two tab groups back into one panel.
    2. To drag-and-drop a window, click the tab that you want to move, and drag and drop it in another window.

      As you drag the tab, you will see a changing red outline showing the target window. Once the desired destination is outlined in red, release the mouse.

    3. To reset the windows back to their initial configuration, select Window >Reset Windows.
    4. To close the current window, select Window >Close Window, or simply click the x on the right side of the tab.
    5. To close the current window and all its tabs, select Window >Close All Documents.
    6. To close all tabs in the current window except for the current tab, select Window >Close Other Documents.
    7. To bring up the Documents dialog, select Window >Documents....

      1. To switch to a specific window, highlight its entry and select Switch to Document.
      2. To close a specific window, highlight its entry and select Close Document(s).

    Modified: 2017-06-30