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    Installing Net-SNMP

    Use this procedure to install Net-SNMP.

    The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a messaging protocol used by the switch to communicate configuration and status information with a network management system. SNMP messages are exchanged within a SNMP community, which consists of one or more switches and one or more management workstations. Membership in a community is controlled by community strings, which function as passwords for the community. The community strings are embedded in every SNMP packet exchanged between the members of the community to authenticate access to the Management Information Base (MIB) on the switch.

    Net-SNMP is a suite of applications used to implement SNMP using IPv4 or IPv6. PSM uses Net-SNMP to deliver functionality offered in the CLI utilities. See Setting utility executables.

    For detailed information and Net-SNMP download executables, go to

    1. Navigate to and download the latest version of Net-SNMP at
    2. Install Net-SNMP following the installation instructions. Use the suggested default settings.
    3. To confirm that Net-SNMP is installed, use proNX Service Manager to execute an SNMP ping against a network element.
      1. Right-click a network element and select Utilities>Diagnostics>SNMP Ping.

        A command window should pop up with the output of the SNMP ping command:

      2. If this is unsuccessful, confirm the Net-SNMP installation directory is correct in the proNX Service Manager Options dialog.

    Modified: 2017-06-30