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    Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

    Use this procedure to customize the quick access toolbar.

    The quick access toolbar is found at the top of the client display, and can be used to launch common tasks.

    The following table lists the initial shortcut buttons on the toolbar. The toolbar can be customized with more or fewer buttons. The buttons provide a way to quickly access functions that are also available from the menu toolbar. A tool tip and in some cases, a shortcut key sequence, are displayed when you hover the mouse over a button.

    Table 1: Quick Access Toolbar Buttons



    Refresh from Server

    The PSM client and the PSM server communicate at regular intervals to ensure the client has the most recent view of the network. Additionally, the server updates the client automatically when the server detects changes in the managed network. The Refresh from Server button provides a manual way for you to force the PSM client to request (and refresh itself with) the latest PSM server data.

    Resync Network

    The PSM server and the network elements that it manages communicate at regular intervals to ensure the server has the most recent view of the network. Additionally, the managed network elements update the server automatically when changes occur. The Resync Network button provides a manual way for you to force the PSM server to resynchronize itself with the managed network elements.

    Network Element Discovery

    Discovering Network Elements

    Service Activation

    Activating an Optical Service in a BTI7000 Network

    Activating an Optical Service in a BTI7800 Network

    Activating a Transport Service

    Activating an Ethernet Service

    Activating a Pseudowire Service

    Profile Manager

    Managing Profiles

    Add Customer

    Adding a Customer

    Schedule List

    Scheduling Network Element Discoveries

    Save Configuration

    Saving Network Element Configuration Information

    Archive Logs

    Exporting Client and Server Logs

    Suspend Alarm Notifications

    Working with the alarms table

    Historical PMs

    Collecting and Viewing Historical PMs

    To customize the quick access toolbar:

    1. Select Window >Toolbars from the main menu, or right-click the area to the right of the quick access toolbar.

      1. Click to toggle entries from the list of standard quick access buttons.
      2. To use the smaller toolbar icons, select Small Toolbar Icons. To use the regular toolbar icons, clear Small Toolbar Icons.
      3. To reset the toolbar to the initial setting, choose Reset Toolbars.
      4. To add other buttons or to create a new toolbar, choose Customize and select the buttons you want to be shown.

    Modified: 2017-06-30