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    Configuring PSM Alarm Severities

    Use this procedure to configure the severities of PSM-generated alarms.

    Note: The updated alarm severity appears in subsequent alarms generated by PSM. Severities of existing PSM alarms are not affected by this procedure.

    1. Edit the /usr/local/ems9001/resources/deviceMetadata/alarm-meta-psm.xml file.
    2. Find the alarm you want to change and edit the severity.

      For example, to set the NE_BACKUP alarm severity to CRITICAL, change the alarm as follows:

      <alarm-definition name="NE_BACKUP" service-affecting="false" severity="CRITICAL"/>
    3. Save and close the file.
    4. Track changes to the alarm-meta-psm.xml file with Git by committing this update to the Git repository.

      For example:

      [user ~]# cd /usr/local/ems9001/resources/deviceMetadata
      [user deviceMetadata]# git commit -m "Set NE_BACKUP alarm severity to CRITICAL.  By"  alarm-meta-psm.xml

      This update can now be seen in the Git log. For more information on Git, see Using Git to Track

    5. Changes made to the alarm-meta-psm.xml file do not take effect until the PSM server is restarted. To restart the server, enter the following command:

      The restart command successfully completes when the 'Ems-' processes all change to the running state. Type <ctrl> c to exit the Linux watch command window.

    Modified: 2017-06-30