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    Viewing the Network Elements Walk Time Graph

    The top by walk time graph in the Network Elements panel shows the network elements organized by their most recent data retrieval (walk) time, which is the time the PSM server takes to read the complete set of information from a network element. While highly populated network elements with many services tend to require longer walk times, a long walk time may also indicate excessive network latency, which could impact services and SLAs.

    1. In the Network Elements pane on the proNX Service Manager Dashboard summary view, click the Top By Walk Time tab.

      A graph listing the 20 network elements with the longest walk times is displayed.

      Note: This graph is updated periodically based on a configurable setting (see Changing the proNX Service Manager Dashboard Settings), or on a browser refresh. The default update period is 30 minutes.

    2. Each bar in the graph represents the walk time for the respective network element. Hover over a bar to see the actual walk time value.

    3. The vertical line represents the mean walk time for the network. Hover over the line to see the mean walk time value.

    Modified: 2017-06-30