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    Adding an FTP or SFTP Server

    Use this procedure to add an FTP or SFTP server to the list of servers that PSM can use.

    PSM tests the connectivity to the newly-added server and posts a status indicating whether the server can be reached and whether the specified subdirectory can be used.

    The PSM server installation includes a local (S)FTP server that is configured and used by default for NE database backup and restore, and NE system software upgrades. The local (S)FTP server is accessible using the following credentials:

    • username: ftpadmin
    • password: ftpadmin

    The default subdirectories created for database backups and software loads on the local (S)FTP server are NeDbBackups and NeSoftware respectively. The paths are relative to the FTP root directory, which, in the case of the local (S)FTP server, is /home/ftpadmin.

    You can choose to use external (S)FTP servers. For the list of third party (S)FTP servers that have been verified with PSM and Juniper Networks network elements, see the proNX Service Manager Installation and Administration Guide.

    1. From the main menu choose Edit>FTP Servers.
    2. On the FTP Servers tab, right-click Right-Click to Add a File Server, and then click Add File Server.

    3. In the File Server Configuration dialog, enter valid values in the IP Address, Port, Username, Password, and Confirm Password fields. For an SFTP server, select SFTP on the Protocol drop-down menu.

      The (S)FTP server connection is tested. If the server is unreachable, an Inactive indication appears. If the server is reachable but the supplied password is incorrect, an Invalid Credentials indication appears, and you will not be able to add the server.

    4. Specify the directory you want to use as the subdirectory by typing in the directory name or by browsing. The subdirectory path is relative to the (S)FTP root directory. The directory must already exist.

      If the server is reachable and the password is correct but the directory is invalid, an Invalid Directory indication appears, and you will not be able to add the server. To add the server, you must enter or browse to a valid directory, or leave this field blank (indicating the FTP root directory).

    5. Click OK.

      The (S)FTP server is added to the list on the FTP Servers tab. If there are no errors when configuring the server, the Server Status should be Active and the Directory Status should be Valid.

      Note: You are allowed to add the server even if the server is unreachable.

    6. Repeat 2 to 5 for each FTP server to be added.

    Modified: 2017-06-30