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    Collecting and Viewing NE Logs

    Use this procedure to collect and view logs from a BTI7000 Series NE or a BTI7800 Series NE or an MX Series or PTX Series router or QFX Series switch on demand.

    Note: The PSM server does not keep track of what logs have been retrieved from previous collections. Each time a new log collection request is made, the PSM server retrieves the full set of logs from the specified network element(s).

    For information on how to set up NE log collection, including how to set up scheduled NE log collection, see the proNX Service Manager Installation and Administration Guide.

    1. To collect the latest logs for an NE, right-click on the NE, either in the Network tree or on the Topology Map view, and choose Retrieve Logs.

      The Log Collection dialog box is displayed.

    2. In the Log Collection dialog box, click OK.

      The logs for the NE are collected.

      Note: The time that it takes for logs to be collected from a network element depends largely on the speed of the network connection. For slower connections, monitor the Tasks window for completion before viewing the logs.

    3. To view the logs that have been collected, from the main menu choose View >Network >NE Logs.

      The Log Collection tab is displayed.

    4. In the Log Collection tab, specify the log filtering options as desired, and then click Perform Query.

      The collected logs are filtered, sorted, and displayed according to the options specified.

      Note: The Log Id might not be a unique number. When filtering, use a combination of fields to locate the desired log entries.

      Note: PSM-generated NE log collection related alarms are not automatically cleared once the problem has been resolved. Any PSM-generated NE log collection alarms that occur must be manually cleared. To manually clear a PSM-generated alarm, right-click the alarm and choose Clear NMS Generated Alarm. Once cleared, you cannot restore an alarm.

    Modified: 2017-03-29