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    Uninstalling the PSM Server

    Use this procedure to uninstall the PSM server.

    • Close all PSM client sessions.
    • You must have administrator privileges.
    1. Stop the PSM server by entering the following command.

      The stop command is successful when the 'Ems-' processes all change to 'not monitored' state. Type <ctrl> c to exit the Linux watch command window.

    2. Uninstall the PSM server.
      rpm -e ems9001

      The following output appears:

      Stopping Server(all) ...Done
      Stopping dashboard... Done
      Removing PSM iptables rules
      Delete crontab entries
      Reinitializing monit daemon

      The PSM (ems9001) processes are stopped, the software is removed, and monit is reinitialized.

    This procedure is complete.

    Modified: 2017-03-29