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    Example: Scheduling Using Quartz CronTrigger Format

    The PSM server uses the Quartz scheduler CronTrigger format to specify schedules for automated backups, logs, and other tasks. Schedules can be specified in the /var/local/ems9001/conf/ file.

    The scheduler entries take the following form:

    schedule=<seconds> <minutes> <hours> <day_of_month> <month> <day_of_week> [<year>]

    To aid in the creation of more complex schedules, the CronTrigger format supports a set of special characters, including the following:

    • "*" means "every" unit for units in that position. For example, a "*" in the <hours> position means every hour.
    • "?" means "don't care" for that position. For example, a "?" in the day_of_week position means that the day of week is irrelevant to the schedule.
    • "/" is used to specify increments. For example, "0/15" in the seconds position means 0, 15, 30, 45.

    Here is an expression scheduling the running of an NE backup everyday at 4:15 AM:

    schedule.neDbBackup.cron=0 15 4 * * ?

    To specify an NE backup to run every Sunday at 3:00 AM:

    schedule.neDbBackup.cron=0 0 3 ? * SUN

    For more information on the Quartz scheduler CronTrigger syntax, see

    Modified: 2016-12-11