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    Migrating the PSM Database to a New Server

    Use this procedure to migrate the PSM database to a new server.

    1. Stop the PSM server.

      The stop command successfully completes when the 'Ems-' processes all change to "Not monitored" state. Type <ctrl> c to exit the Linux watch command window.

    2. Export the whole MySQL database from the source machine. At the shell prompt on the OS, run the following command:
      mysqldump –u<user> –p  --all-databases > dumpdb.sql

      This command exports the entire MySQL database.

      Alternatively, specify each PSM schema separately and take the backup file. For example, from the shell prompt on the OS, run the following command:

      mysqldump -u<user>  -p  --databases ems emsquartz radius net_snmp hoard bti7xx_14 bti701_v107 bti7000_720 bti7000_920 bti2060_620 axn  xxx.sql ... > dumpdb.sql
    3. Copy the PSM database from the server to a temporary location.
    4. Install the operating system on the new server.
    5. Start MySQL.
      service mysqld start
    6. Import the PSM database from the temporary location.
      mysql -u<user> -p < dumpdb.sql
    7. Log in to MySQL.
      mysql -u<user> -p
    8. Flush the database settings. At the MySQL prompt, enter:
      flush privileges;
    9. Exit MySQL.
    10. Install the PSM server.

    Modified: 2016-12-12