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show dol fiber-conn




This command shows information on all fiber connections, or information on a particular fiber connection if a particular fiber connection is specified.





endpoint1 endpoint2

Displays informatiion for the fiber connection that has the specified endpoints

Existing fiber-conn endpoints (for example, otu4:1/3/2/1).


Displays informatiion in detailed form


Displays information in tabular form. This is the default.

Required Privilege Level

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Sample Output

bti7800# show dol fiber-conn

The NOT-CONNECTED designation means that the fiber-conn endpoints are unable to exchange endpoint information. This can occur when the physical fiber is not connected, or when one endpoint is on a UFM or on a multiplexer/demultiplexer. (Sometimes this is shown as a blank instead of NOT-CONNECTED).

The REMOTE designation under Endpoint 2 FE Port occurs when the two endpoints reside on different network elements. This is typically the case for a fiber-conn between line ports, but can also occur for a fiber-conn between client ports in a split ROADM node configuration.