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dol osc




This command sets parameters for the specified DOL optical service channel (OSC).

There is one OSC for the line port and one OSC for each client port on ROADM and ILA modules.


The OSC is automatically created when the corresponding port is created, and automatically deleted when the corresponding port is deleted. You do not need to create or delete OSC explicitly.





Default Value


The OSC identifier.

The location identifier consists of the chassis, module, and port locations.

The format of the OSC identifier is as follows:

  • osc:chassis/slot/0/Cn for the client ports, where the range of n depends on the type of module

  • osc:chassis/slot/0/L1 for the line port


admin-status status

The administrative status of the OSC.

When the status is up, the OSC transmitter on the corresponding port is enabled.

When the status is down, the OSC transmitter on the corresponding port is disabled.

Note: If you disable the OSC, you are also disabling the ODCC, and therefore you might lose management connectivity to the node and to downstream nodes. If this occurs, you will not be able to re-enable OSC unless you have out-of-band management connectivity.



testing (not supported)


custom1, custom2, custom3 string

Customizable text field for operator's use

0 to 255 characters

An empty string

ol-id string

Customizable text identifying the optical layer managed object

0 to 32 characters

An empty string

Required Privilege Level

Related Documentation

Sample Output

The following sets the optical layer identifier:

bti7800(config)# dol osc:1/2/0/L1 ol-id nyc-osc-2-L1