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About the BTI7800 Series


The BTI7800 Series platform provides high-density optical and transport solutions with industry-leading scale and performance. It comes in different form factors ranging from 1U for smaller remote sites to 14U for larger data centers. All chassis variants support the same universal service modules that transpond and muxpond traffic on 10-Gbps and 100-Gbps interfaces including 100-Gbps coherent DWDM. For higher fan-out, multiple BTI7800s can be connected together in a multichassis configuration.

Together with its ROADM capabilities, the BTI7800 Series provides a complete end-to-end optical transport solution that can scale from 10 Gbps to nx100 Gbps. The flexible hardware and software design allows a service module to be configured for different services on different combinations of 10-Gbps, 100-Gbps, and nx100-Gbps interfaces.

Management of the chassis is performed on the Chassis Management Modules (CMMs), which reside in their own dedicated slots in the chassis. The CMMs can be deployed in pairs for redundancy and perform management and control plane functions for the system, including booting the various service modules with the appropriate software images.

Each BTI7800 chassis is shipped with software pre-installed on the CMMs. The software includes a commissioning utility that allows you to bring the system up quickly.