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Logging In to the CLI


Use this procedure to log in to the BTI7800 CLI. The BTI7800 CLI can be reached through SSH on port 22. The BTI7800 can support up to 20 simultaneous user CLI sessions.

  1. Physically connect the Management Ethernet interface on the CMM to your management IP network.

  2. Start an SSH session to the management interface from a computer on the management network. Use the shared management IP address you configured during commissioning and use port 22.Note

    The BTI7800 has multiple IP addresses. You should always use the shared management IP address to reach the CLI. See Management Overview for more information on the shared management IP address.

    For Linux and MAC OS X, launch a terminal window and start an SSH session. For Windows, install and launch a terminal application (for example, PuTTY).

    $ ssh -p22 user@

    After you supply the correct login credentials, you will be logged in to the active SCM.

  3. When you log in, your CLI session is automatically placed in operational mode. To enter configuration mode type config. To return to operational mode, type exit.
    bti7800# config

    Operational mode commands do not change the stored configuration. An example of an operational mode command is the show command. To change the stored configuration, you must execute commands in configuration mode.

  4. If desired, use the set command to set user preferences for this session.
    bti7800# set ?

    For example, to set the idle-timeout to 6000 seconds:


    If you want settings to persist across login sessions, use the user-profile command in configuration mode.