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Supported Features




NETCONF version

NETCONF 1.0, 1.1

Secure transport


Protocol operations

  • close-session: gracefully terminates the current NETCONF session

  • create-subscription: subscribes to an event notification stream

  • edit-config: modifies the configuration database

  • get: retrieves data from the running configuration and NE statistics

  • get-config: retrieves data from the running configuration

  • kill-session: forces the termination of the specified NETCONF session


  • notification: supports delivery of asynchronous event notifications

  • url: supports the <url> element in protocol operation <source> and <target> parameters

  • writable-running: supports direct writes to the running configuration datastore

  • xpath: supports XPath expressions in the <filter> element in information retrieval and notification subscription requests

Base notifications (NETCONF stream)

  • netconf-config-change: generated when the running configuration has been changed

  • netconf-capability-change: generated when the capabilities have changed

  • netconf-session-start: generated when a NETCONF session has started

  • netconf-session-end: generated when a NETCONF session has ended

NETCONF protocol monitoring

  • capabilities: list of capabilities supported

  • datastores: list of configuration datastores supported

  • schemas: list of data model schemas supported

  • sessions: list of all currently active NETCONF sessions

  • statistics: NETCONF protocol counters

  • get-schema: operation used to retrieve a schema

BTI7800-specific YANG modules

See Supported YANG Modules.