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system shmm-firmware autoupgrade




This command configures automatic upgrades for the CMM SHMM firmware.


Additional Information

When SHMM auto-upgrade is enabled, the CMM automatically upgrades the SHMM firmware, as follows.

  • When a CMM boots up, it checks whether its SHMM firmware and whether the SHMM firmware on the other CMM match the firmware version associated with the currently active software. This occurs every time a CMM boots up, including when a CMM is being upgraded to new software.

  • If there is a mismatch, the CMM raises a Firmware Upgrade Required (firmUpgrdReqd) alarm and proceeds to upgrade the SHMM firmware. The automatic upgrade starts only when all CMMs have come up and are synchronized.

  • If more than one CMM in a single or multi-chassis system requires SHMM firmware upgrades, the firmware is upgraded on the CMMs sequentially.

  • Once an automatic SHMM firmware upgrade is in progress, it cannot be cancelled and it should not be interrupted. CLI commands that conflict with this are rejected.

Required Privilege Level

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Sample Output

bti7800(config)# system shmm-firmware autoupgrade enabled