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dol port




This command sets parameters for the specified DOL port.


Ports are automatically created on a DOL module when the module is added, and automatically deleted when the module is deleted. You do not need to create or delete ports explicitly.

A DOL port can be any of the following:

  • a ROADM client, line, or PRE port

  • an ILA client, line, or PRE port

  • a port on the PRE module

  • a multiplexer/demultiplexer client or line port

When a port is created on a ROADM or ILA module, the corresponding OMS and OSC are automatically created. When a port is deleted on a ROADM or ILA module, the corresponding OMS and OSC are automatically deleted.





Default Value


The port identifier.

The location identifier consists of the chassi, module, and port locations.


  • port:chassis/slot/0/Cn for the client ports, where the range of n depends on the module

  • port:chassis/slot/0/L1 for the line port

  • port:chassis/slot/0/PRE for the PRE port


  • port:chassis/slot/1/PRE for the port on the PRE module itself


  • port:0/slot/0/Cn for the client ports

  • port:0/slot/0/L1 for the line port


custom1, custom2, custom3 string

Customizable text field for operator's use

0 to 255 characters

An empty string

ol-id string

Customizable text identifying the optical layer managed object

0 to 32 characters

An empty string

Required Privilege Level

Related Documentation

Sample Output

The following sets the optical layer identifier:

bti7800(config)# dol port:1/2/0/L1 ol-id nyc-2-L1