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Pre-Provisioning of BTI7800 Components


The BTI7800 supports pre-provisioning of components in its component tree. Pre-provisioning refers to the ability for an operator to provision components in advance of hardware installation, thereby allowing the decoupling of the hardware installation workflow from the provisioning workflow. Pre-provisioning is not just limited to equipment provisioning, but can include other provisioning such as the provisioning of services.

When pre-provisioning, it is normal to see an equipment missing alarm (eqptMiss) because the provisioned equipment is not physically present.

If a module is inserted into a slot that has been pre-provisioned, the inserted module is validated against the pre-provisioning, and if any differences are detected, the BTI7800 raises an equipment mismatch alarm (eqptMism).

To see which modules have been pre-provisioned, use the show equipment command. For example (truncated for clarity):


Modules that have an Oper State of notPresent are examples of pre-provisioning, where provisioning has been performed but the actual module has not been inserted. These modules do not appear in inventory.

bti7800# show equipment