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Auto-Provisioning of BTI7800 Equipment


When a hardware module is inserted into an unprovisioned slot, the BTI7800 detects the insertion, and discovers and auto-provisions the module (if auto-provisioning is enabled). Auto-provisioning refers to the BTI7800 automatically adding discovered equipment, including their locations and PECs, to the equipment branch of the component tree. In some cases, it might refer to automatic detection and provisioning of other hardware components. See the BTI7800 Command Line Reference Guide for details.

If the slot that the module is inserted into has been pre-provisioned, then the module is not auto-provisioned. Instead, the inserted module is validated against the pre-provisioning, and if any differences are detected, the BTI7800 raises an equipment mismatch alarm (eqptMism).

Auto-provisioning can be enabled or disabled. See Configuring Auto-Provisioning for details on how to change the auto-provisioning setting.

To see the list of hardware modules that are in the equipment branch of the component tree, use the show equipment command. For example (truncated for clarity):

bti7800# show equipment