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    system snmp notify-target


    [no] system snmp notify-target ip_address [ udp-port number ]


    This command sets the IP address and port of the SNMP trap receiver.

    Note: This command provides the same function as the snmp-server host command.





    Default Value


    The destination IP address of the host receiving trap notifications

    A valid IP address in dotted decimal format (for example,

    udp-port number

    The UDP port to use

    0 to 65,535


    Additional Information

    To create a list of trap receivers, repeat this command for each trap receiver. Each trap receiver must have a different IP address. The list cannot contain more than one trap receiver with the same IP address.

    Required Privilege Level


    Related Documentation


    Sample Output

    bti7800(config)# system snmp notify-target
    bti7800(config-notify-target- commit 
    Commit complete. 
    bti7800(config-notify-target- do show system snmp  
    Target-Name     IP-Address     Port     TimeOut-Value   Retry-Count     Tag-List 
    --------------- -------------- -------- --------------- --------------- ----------------------------------- v2       162       1500           3               std_v2_trap std_trap std_v2_inform v2   162       1500           3               std_v2_trap std_trap std_v2_inform 

    Modified: 2017-10-24