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    • show running-config system clock timezone-location

    system clock timezone-location


    [no] system clock timezone-location timezone


    This command configures the system time zone.





    Default Value


    The time zone to use

    The BTI7800 uses the industry standard time zone database.

    Additional Information

    Changing the time affects PM timestamps. See the BTI7800 Series Software Configuration Guide for details.

    Required Privilege Level


    Related Documentation

    • show running-config system clock timezone-location

    Sample Output

    Use tab completions to see the entries below the top level.

    bti7800(config)# system clock timezone-location Europe/<tab>
    Possible completions:
      Amsterdam  Andorra    Athens       Belfast     Belgrade    Berlin     Bratislava  Brussels    Bucharest
      Budapest   Busingen   Chisinau     Copenhagen  Dublin      Gibraltar  Guernsey    Helsinki    Isle_of_Man
      Istanbul   Jersey     Kaliningrad  Kiev        Lisbon      Ljubljana  London      Luxembourg  Madrid
      Malta      Mariehamn  Minsk        Monaco      Moscow      Nicosia    Oslo        Paris       Podgorica
      Prague     Riga       Rome         Samara      San_Marino  Sarajevo   Simferopol  Skopje      Sofia
      Stockholm  Tallinn    Tirane       Tiraspol    Uzhgorod    Vaduz      Vatican     Vienna      Vilnius
      Volgograd  Warsaw     Zagreb       Zaporozhye  Zurich
    bti7800(config-system)# commit 
    Commit complete.

    Modified: 2017-10-24