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    system auto-warm-boot


    [no] system auto-warm-boot disabled { ALL | CMM | PLD }


    This command determines whether the system automatically reboots an unresponsive module or not.






    Disables auto-warm-boot for all modules (that is, for all service modules and for the standby CMM)

    By default, auto-warm-boot is enabled for all modules.


    Disables auto-warm-boot for the standby CMM

    By default, auto-warm-boot is enabled for all modules.


    Disables auto-warm-boot for all service modules

    By default, auto-warm-boot is enabled for all modules.

    Additional Information

    When auto-warm-boot is enabled, the active CMM automatically warm reloads a service module and/or a standby CMM up to 3 times if the service module and/or standby CMM is unresponsive.

    Warm reloading modules is not service affecting as transport and optical traffic continue to be passed in a warm reload, but software-based features on the service module (such as PM collection, APSD, APR, FSPD) are disabled while a service module reloads.

    Required Privilege Level


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    Sample Output

    To disable auto-warm-boot for the service modules:

    bti7800(config)# system auto-warm-boot disabled PLD
    bti7800(config-system)# commit 
    Commit complete. 

    To enable auto-warm-boot for all modules:

    bti7800(config)# no system auto-warm-boot disabled
    bti7800(config)# commit 
    Commit complete. 

    Modified: 2017-10-24