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    statistics threshold profile


    [no] statistics threshold profile name [ entityType type [ statistic statistic-name threshold-type binLength [ dec64ClearValue value | dec64RaiseValue value | disabled | enabled ] ] ]


    This command creates a threshold profile that you can apply to different entities (usually interfaces). A threshold profile contains the threshold crossing alert levels for specified alarms.


    profile name the name of the profile

    Values: The profile name cannot begin with “def-”. All profiles that begin with “def-” are default profiles and cannot be created or changed by the user.

    entityType type the type of interface to which this profile applies

    Values: osc

    statistic statistic-name the statistic that you are setting the thresholds for

    Values: opt-back-ref-ratio

    threshold-type the type of threshold

    Values: alarmHigh

    binLength the bin length

    Values: unTimed

    dec64ClearValue value the alarm clear threshold
    dec64RaiseValue value the alarm set threshold
    disabled disables this profile
    enabled enables this profile

    Additional Information

    This command allows you to create profiles for many different entities with many different options but only the entities and options listed above are supported. Note that this command only creates and configures the profile. You still need to apply this profile to an interface for the profile to take effect for that interface.

    Required Privilege Level


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    Sample Output

    The following example configures and enables a profile that sets the opt-back-ref-ratio high alarm set and clear thresholds to -21 dB and -22 dB, respectively.

    bti7800(config)# statistics threshold profile obrProfile1 entityType osc
    bti7800(config-profile-obrProfile1)# statistic opt-back-ref-ratio alarmHigh unTimed dec64RaiseValue -21 dec64ClearValue -22 enabled
    bti7800(config-statistic-opt-back-ref-ratio/alarmHigh/unTimed)# commit
    Commit complete.

    Modified: 2017-10-24