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    show cross-connect


    show cross-connect [all | table]


    This command displays detailed information about the configured cross-connects.


    Required Privilege Level


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    Sample Output

    The following is the output when using the all option:

    bti7800# show cross-connect all
    Cross-connect 001  Source-name                : 10ge:2/1/2/1 
    Cross-connect 001  Destination-name           : odu2:2/1/1/1.1 
    Cross-connect 001  Directionality             : 2way 
    Cross-connect 001  Rate                       : odu2 
    Cross-connect 001  Service-name               : <null>  
    Cross-connect 002  Source-name                : 10ge:2/11/2/1 
    Cross-connect 002  Destination-name           : odu2:2/11/1/1.1 
    Cross-connect 002  Directionality             : 2way 
    Cross-connect 002  Rate                       : odu2 
    Cross-connect 002  Service-name               : <null>  

    The following is the output when using the table option:

    bti7800# show cross-connect table
    Cross-Connect     Source-Name           Destination-Name      Directionality 
    ----------------  --------------------  --------------------  -------------- 
    1                 10ge:2/1/2/1          odu2:2/1/1/1.1        2way      
    2                 10ge:2/11/2/1         odu2:2/11/1/1.1       2way       

    Modified: 2017-10-24