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    Resetting the Database to the Factory-Default Configuration

    Use this procedure to reset the database to the factory-default configuration from the CLI.

    Note: This procedure removes all existing provisioning settings and is service affecting.

    1. Back up the existing configuration. This is optional.
      1. Save the configuration database to a remote location.

        See Backing Up the Configuration Database.

      2. Save the running configuration to a remote location.

        For example:

        bti7800# show running-config | nomore | save
        Value for 'password' (<string>): *********** 
        bti7800# copy file remote-url ftp://user@ 
        Value for 'password' (<string>): 
    2. Reset the database.

      For example:

      bti7800# system database restore factory-default
      This is a service-affecting action that will overwrite the configuration database with default values and perform an automatic reload all cold. 
      Do you wish to continue? [no,yes] yes 

    The CLI session closes and both CMMs and all service modules cold reload into the factory-default configuration. This might take several minutes. All existing service module configuration is erased and traffic is affected. The CMM remains commissioned and commissioning data is retained.

    Modified: 2017-08-04