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    Replacing the CMM in a Single CMM System

    Use this procedure to replace the CMM in a single CMM system.

    Warning: Service modules are automatically warm reloaded as part of this procedure. Software-based features on the service module (such as PM collection, APSD, APR, FPSD) are disabled while a service module warm reloads.


    • Familiarize yourself with the concepts described in Chassis Management Module replacement.
    • Familiarize yourself with the CMM replacement procedures in the BTI7800 Series Hardware Overview and Installation Guide.
    • The replacement CMM is uncommissioned for this chassis.
    1. If the CMM that you want to replace is currently up and running, back up the current configuration database.

      See Backing Up the Configuration Database for instructions on how to do this.

    2. Remove the CMM from the chassis.
    3. Insert the replacement CMM.
    4. Check to see what software load is contained in the replacement CMM.

      To see what software release the replacement CMM contains, log in to the craft port and use the show command in the commissioning shell. For example:

      Last login: Fri Mar 18 13:15:56 2016 from  
      Shell Help: 
      List of the commands you can use: 
      setup  - Commission the CMM 
      cli    - Open CLI interface to the system 
      reboot - Reboot the CMM 
      exit   - Logout  
      scm1:~$ setup  
      Welcome to the BTI 7800 Series - CMM Commissioning Application! 
      Note: This process commissions one CMM at a time. Type 'help' or '?' for the list of the commands. Press '<Ctrl> + C' at any time to exit.  
      (cmm-setup)$ show  
      Controller ID                : 1 
      Management Shared IP Address : 
      Management Netmask           : 
      Individual CMM IP            : None 
      Default Gateway Address      : 
      NTP Server Address           : 
      DNS Server Address           : 
      Current Time                 : 11:20:45 
      Current Date                 : 2016-04-06 
      Time Zone                    : America/Toronto 
      OS Version                   : 2.0.0 21522 
      Application Version          : 2.1.0 23298 

      The above example output shows that the CMM is running Application Version release 2.1.0.

      If you want the CMM to run a different software load, use the procedure described in Installing a Software Load on a CMM Using a System Repair Drive to install the software load that you want to run.

      Note: A configuration database is specific to a software version. When you restore a backed-up database onto a replacement CMM, that CMM must run the same software version as the software version running on the original CMM when the backup was created. You cannot restore a configuration database from a CMM running one software version to a CMM running a different software version.

    5. Configure the replacement CMM to boot up with the configuration database saved in step 1 (or otherwise saved previously).

      See Restoring the Database from a Backup Without Affecting Service for instructions on how to do this.

      Note: If you do not have a backed-up configuration database, then you will need to restore the replacement CMM back to factory defaults. You will need to reconfigure the system. Service will be affected.

    Modified: 2017-08-04