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    Converting a Multichassis System Into Two Single Chassis

    Use this procedure to convert a multichassis system into two single chassis.

    Note: This procedure is service-affecting on the satellite chassis. Traffic will be affected. There is no rollback.

    Caution: We recommend that you perform this procedure in a maintenance window. If this procedure is incorrectly followed, you might bring the hub chassis into a state that can only be recovered by a system repair drive.

    1. Log in to the CLI using the shared management IP address.
    2. Back up the existing configuration and save a snapshot of the state of the multichassis system.
      1. Save the configuration database to a remote location.

        For example:

        bti7800# system database backup remote-url ftp://john@
        Value for 'password' (<string>): *********** 
        bti7800# show system database 
        Backup Status 
        CurrentStatus   : ready-to-backup 
        RemoteUrl       : ftp://john@ 
        NotificationMsg : Backup successful 

        Look for the Backup successful message in the output.

      2. Save the running configuration to a remote location.

        For example:

        bti7800# show running-config | nomore | save
        Value for 'password' (<string>): *********** 
        bti7800# copy file remote-url ftp://john@ 
        Value for 'password' (<string>): 
      3. Save the state information to a remote location.

        For example:

        bti7800# show tech-support remote-url ftp://john@
        Value for 'password' (<string>): 
        Searching Inventory..................................Done  
        Exploring data at Chassis:1 
        Collecting data from pld:1/2....Done 
        Collecting data from pld:1/5....Done 
        Collecting data from pld:1/8....Done 
        Collecting data from pld:1/10....Done 
        Collecting data from pld:1/11....Done 
        Collecting data from pld:1/13....Done 
        Collecting data from cmm:1/A....Done 
        Creating archive..Done 
        Transferring file.... transferred successfully! 
    3. Disconnect the inter-chassis cables.

      You might see an alarm indicating a cable is disconnected.

    4. Remove the satellite chassis from the system.
      bti7800# show system chassis
      Serial-Number     Chassis ID 
      ----------------  ---------- 
      2413CR-010        1 
      2413CR-011        2  
      bti7800# config 
      bti7800(config)# no system chassis 2413CR-011 
      bti7800(config)# commit 
      Commit complete.

      Caution: If you remove the hub chassis by mistake, the hub chassis will go into a state that can only be recovered by a system repair drive.

      The hub chassis is now a single chassis system.

    5. Perform a software installation using a system repair drive on both CMMs in the satellite chassis.

      For details on how to do this, see Restoring a System from a System Repair Drive.

    Both chassis are now single chassis systems.

    Modified: 2017-07-06