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    Turning Up the Software on the BTI7800

    Use this procedure to turn up the software on a BTI7800 for the first time. This involves commissioning the system and installing the desired software load.

    The BTI7800 Chassis Management Modules (CMMs) have non-volatile memory that stores software loads for all modules in the chassis. When a service module boots up, it retrieves its software image from the CMM.

    Although each type of module has its own software image, the software that you install on the CMM comes in a single package. When you install the package onto the CMM, the CMM extracts the individual module images and makes them available to prospective service modules when they boot up.

    The CMMs come preloaded with software from the factory, but the preloaded software version is not necessarily the software version that you ordered. The factory does not perform installation of the ordered software prior to shipping. You must install the requested software load yourself.

    There are two ways to install software on a CMM:

    • Using CLI commands to install an RPM file from a network download. This requires you to commission the BTI7800 first so that the BTI7800 has access to the network.
    • Using a system repair drive to install software from local media. You can download the desired software load onto a USB drive and install the load onto the CMM from the USB drive. You do not need to commission the BTI7800 before you use this method. The USB software image is available as a gzipped file. You must gunzip the file before installing.


    • The BTI7800 chassis is installed, grounded, and powered. All common equipment with the exception of the Chassis Management Modules (CMMs) are installed and operational. See the BTI7800 Series Hardware Overview and Installation Guide for procedures on how to do this.
    • Ensure the CMMs and service modules are not yet inserted into the chassis.
    1. Commission the system using the procedure described in Commissioning the BTI7800 for the First Time.
    2. Retrieve the software image using the procedures described in Retrieving a BTI7800 Software Image. The software is provided as an RPM file for use with CLI commands and as a gzipped USB image for use with a system repair drive.

      Download the RPM or USB image as desired.

    3. Upgrade the software.

    You are now ready to install the service modules and provision the system and services.

    Modified: 2017-08-04