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    Provisioning an Optical Channel Interface

    Use this procedure to create an optical channel interface on the 400G Coherent MSA XCVR on a UFM6.

    The 400G Coherent MSA XCVR contains two 200-Gbps line ports that are visible on the faceplate, with each 200-Gbps port carrying a single optical channel. The optical channel represents the optical signal and contains the settings and attributes that govern the constituent 100-Gbps signals.

    Depending on the modulation chosen, each optical channel can contain one or two 100-Gbps signals.

    The optical channel is represented as an interface. It must be created before the constituent OTU4 interfaces are created.

    1. Enter configuration mode.
      bti7800# config
    2. Create the optical channel interface. For example:
      bti7800(config)# interface och:1/5/2/1/1.1
      Value for 'type' [ethernetCsmacd,opticalChannel,otnOdu,otnOtu,...]: opticalChannel

      Do not commit the provisioning until the very end of this procedure. Certain attributes can only be set during interface creation (before committing).

    3. Specify the frequency of the optical signal.

      For example:

      bti7800(config-interface-och:1/5/2/1/1.1)# frequency 192.1
    4. Specify the modulation.

      You can set the modulation to 16-QAM or QPSK. If you set the modulation to 16-QAM, the optical channel can contain up to two OTU4 signals (at the expense of reach). If you set the modulation to QPSK, the optical channel can contain only one OTU4 signal but with longer reach.

      For example:

      bti7800(config-interface-och:1/5/2/1/1.1)# modulation qpsk

      Note: The modulation setting must be the same on both optical channels on the UFM6.

    5. Specify the type of FEC to use.

      For example:

      bti7800(config-interface-och:1/5/2/1/1.1)# fec-type sd-fec-25pc 

      See Forward error correction (FEC) types for information on supported values for the fec-type.

      Note: The FEC type must be the same on both optical channels on the UFM6.

    6. Apply the provisioning.
      bti7800(config-interface-och:1/5/2/1/1.1)# commit 
      Commit complete. 

    Modified: 2017-07-06