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    system radius


    [no] system radius options { attempts number } | { timeout seconds } [no] system radius server ip_address [ authentication-port number | shared-secret string ]


    This command configures the settings for connecting to a RADIUS server.

    Note: You must have superuser privileges to use this command.


    Table 1: RADIUS Configuration Parameters





    attempts number

    The number of attempts to contact a RADIUS server before attempting to contact the next configured RADIUS server

    1 to 255


    timeout seconds

    The number of seconds the client waits for a response from the RADIUS server before sending another request to the RADIUS server

    1 to 255


    server ip_address

    The IP address of the RADIUS server

    A valid IP address in dotted decimal format (for example,


    authentication-port number

    The UDP port number to use

    Note: The port number must not be changed from the default value.



    shared-secret string

    The authentication key used to connect to the RADIUS server and to encrypt user credentials

    Note: The key on the RADIUS client and RADIUS server must match.

    The key must be 6-256 case-sensitive alphanumeric characters


    Additional Information

    You can specify multiple RADIUS servers by issuing this command for each server. The BTI7800 attempts to connect to the first RADIUS server entered. If the BTI7800 fails to connect to the server after the specified number of attempts and timeouts, the BTI7800 tries the next server in the list, and so on.

    Required Privilege Level


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    • show running-config system radius

    Modified: 2017-07-21