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    show system version


    show system version [ all | <module type:<chassis> <slot> ]


    This command displays the system software version for the all equipment or a particular component.


    Required Privilege Level


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    Sample Output

    The following example shows the software version for all installed modules:

    bti7800# show system version
    Module   Module Type Software Version    OS Version 
    -------- ----------- ------------------- ---------- 
    cmm:1/A  CMM         1.3.0-8541.x86_64   1.0.0-8154 
    amp:1/6  AMP         1.3.0-8541.x86_64   1.0.0-8154 
    ufm:1/14 UFM         1.3.0-8541.x86_64   1.0.0-8154 
    ufm:1/4  UFM         1.3.0-8541.x86_64   1.0.0-8154 

    Modified: 2017-07-21