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    show interface lldp


    show interface lldp [detail | table] [name:identifier ]


    This command can display information for Ethernet interfaces with LLDP snooping enabled.





    Displays detailed information


    Displays information in table form


    The interface to display. If no interface is specified, then all interfaces matching the subsequent qualifiers are displayed. See interface for syntax.

    Note: When an LLDP-enabled interface is operationally down, LLDP data can be retrieved only until the Time-to-Live counter expires.

    Required Privilege Level


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    Sample Output

    The following example displays all Ethernet interfaces with LLDP snoooping enabled in table format:

    bti7800# show interface lldp table
    Lldp Interface Table 
    Local Interface Chassis ID         Port ID                Port Description  SystemName Management Address 
    --------------- ---------------    -----------------      ----------------- ---------- ------------------ 
    10ge:1/1/1/2/4  194:88:2.1         00:12:95:00:00:03      Test Port         Test Ctr 
    100ge:1/1/1/7/2 193:88:2.1         00:12:95:00:00:04                

    The following example displays neighbor data for an Ethernet interface with LLDP snooping enabled:

    bti7800# show interface lldp 10ge:1/1/1/2/4
    Local Name: 10ge:1/2/2/1 
    Time To Live: 240 seconds 
    Chassis ID type: MAC address 
    Chassis ID: 194:88:2.1 
    Port ID Type: interface name 
    Port ID: 00:12:95:00:00:03 
    Port Description: Test 
    Port System Name: Test Ctr 
    System Description: Juniper Networks ex4200-49p 
    System Capabilities Supported: Bridge Router 
    System Capabilities Enabled: Bridge Router 
    Management Address Type: IPv4 
    Management Address: 
    Management Interface Subtype: if-index 
    Management Interface Number: 35 
    Management Address OID: 

    Modified: 2017-07-21