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    dol oms


    [no] dol oms:location_id [ admin-status status | custom1 string | custom2 string | custom3 string | ol-id string | pre-state { enabled | disabled } ]


    This command sets parameters for the specified DOL optical multiplex section (OMS).

    There is one OMS for the line port and one OMS for each client port on ROADM and ILA modules.

    Note: The OMS is automatically created when the corresponding port is created, and automatically deleted when the corresponding port is deleted. You do not need to create or delete OMS explicitly.





    Default Value


    The OMS identifier.

    The location identifier consists of the chassis, module, and port locations.

    • oms:chassis/slot/0/Cn for the client ports, where the range of n depends on the type of module
    • oms:chassis/slot/0/L1 for the line port


    admin-status status

    The administrative status of the OMS.

    When the status is up, the corresponding port transmits WDM power.

    When the status is down, the corresponding port does not transmit WDM power and all optical channels on that port become non-operational.



    testing (not supported)


    custom1, custom2, custom3 string

    Customizable text field for operator's use

    0 to 255 characters

    An empty string

    ol-id string

    Customizable text identifying the optical layer managed object

    0 to 32 characters

    An empty string

    pre-state {enabled|disabled}

    Enables or disables the PRE module.

    When the PRE module is enabled, the incoming DWDM signal is passed to the PRE module for supplementary amplification.

    When the PRE module is disabled, the incoming DWDM signal is not passed to the PRE module for supplementary amplification.

    This attribute is only applicable to OMS line ports.




    Required Privilege Level


    Related Documentation


    Sample Output

    The following enables the PRE module on the line port:

    bti7800(config)# dol oms:1/2/0/L1 pre-state enabled
    bti7800(config-dol-oms:1/2/0/L1)# commit 
    Commit complete. 

    Modified: 2017-07-21