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    Table 1: Alarm Details






    Module Temperature Above High Threshold: The temperature of the MSA transceiver is above the high-temperature threshold. For information, see Temperature thresholds - MSA transceivers.

    Entities Affected

    OTN OTU interfaces (see respective table below).

    Possible Causes

    • The ambient temperature is above the normal operating range of the chassis.
    • The output power of the MSA transceiver is excessive.

    Default Severity


    Service Affecting

    No (false).

    Alarm Clearing

    See Clearing a ModTempHighTh alarm.

    Related Fault Hierarchy

    See Common fault hierarchy - OTN and CBR ports.

    Table 2: OTN OTU Interfaces

    Entity Name


    Fault Indicator






    Fault LED, 100G line port


    Clearing a ModTempHighTh Alarm

    Note: Follow all applicable safety requirements as described in the BTI7800 Series Hardware Overview and Installation Guide.

    1. Optionally retrieve statistics for the OTU4 interface to view the value of the Module temperature parameter:
      show statistics current otu4:identifier
    2. Check for and resolve any of the following problems:
      • Either a cooling module is not present in the chassis or is present but is operationally down or administratively disabled.
      • A FanSpeedLowTh alarm has been raised against a cooling module.
      • An EnvTempHighTh alarm has been raised against the UFM.
      • The ambient temperature is higher than the specified operating range for the chassis. For information, see the BTI7800 Series Hardware Overview and Installation Guide.
    3. Check for alarms on the interface.
      • If the alarm has cleared, you have completed this procedure.
      • If the alarm does not clear, contact your next level of support.

    Modified: 2017-07-06