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    Configuring DNS Servers

    Use this procedure to specify the DNS servers that this system will use. By specifying a valid DNS server, you will be able to enter hostnames in commands that accept hostnames as input.

    1. Enter system configuration mode.

      For example:

      bti7800# config
      Entering configuration mode terminal 
      bti7800(config)# system 
    2. Add the list of DNS servers that you want the system to use.

      For example:

      bti7800(config-system)# dns server
    3. Commit your changes.
      bti7800(config-system)# commit
    4. Verify your settings by displaying the new settings.

      For example (partial output only):

      bti7800(config-system)# do show system
      DNS                       :, 

    Modified: 2017-04-13