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    Configuring the Default Gateway

    Use this procedure to configure the default gateway on the BTI7800.


    • The shared management IP address (and subnet) must be set up.

    The default gateway is typically set up during commissioning.

    Note: The default gateway, the shared management IP address, and the individual management IP addresses must all reside on the same subnet.

    Note: Changing the default gateway will affect the routing of packets. Setting the default gateway incorrectly might cause originating packets (such as SNMP traps) to be dropped.

    1. Enter system configuration mode.

      For example:

      bti7800# config
      Entering configuration mode terminal 
      bti7800(config)# system 
    2. Set the default gateway.

      For example:

      bti7800(config-system)# gateway-address
    3. Commit your changes.
      bti7800(config-system)# commit
      Commit complete. 

    Modified: 2017-04-13