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    Backing Up the Configuration Database

    Use this procedure to back up the configuration database to a remote location or to local chassis storage.

    Note: On the BTI7801, the CMM automatically backs up its configuration database to local chassis storage every 60 minutes. This occurs even if you do not explicitly make changes to the database.

    1. Back up the configuration database.
      1. To back up the database to a remote location:

        For example:

        bti7800# system database backup remote-url sftp://user@
        Value for 'password' (<string>): *********** 
      2. To back up the database to local chassis storage:
        bti7800# system database backup local

        This command might take 15 minutes or more to complete.

        Note: This option is available only for the BTI7801.

    2. Verify that the database has been backed up.

      For example:

      bti7800# show system database
      Backup Status 
      CurrentStatus   : ready-to-backup 
      RemoteUrl       : sftp://user@ 
      NotificationMsg : Backup successful 

      Look for the Backup successful message in the output.

    Note: You can only restore this backed-up database to this chassis. You cannot restore this backed-up database to a different chassis.

    Modified: 2017-04-13