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    Forward Error Correction (FEC) Types

    Forward error correction can be provisioned on OTU and optical channel interfaces. The following are the supported configurations:

    Table 1: FEC Types


    Supported FEC Types

    OTU2 or OTU2e

    • No FEC (no-fec)
    • Generic FEC (g-fec)
    • G.975.1 i.4 Super FEC (s-fec-i4)
    • G.975.1 i.7 Super FEC (s-fec-i7)

    Note: The ports on the 12x SFP+ BIC are divided into three port groups (ports 1 to 4, ports 5 to 8, ports 9 to 12). Within each port group, you cannot configure one port for G.975.1 i.4 Super FEC and another port for G.975.1 i.7 Super FEC. The Super FEC settings are mutually exclusive within a port group.

    OTU4 on 100G Coherent MSA XCVR

    • Soft-Decision FEC (soft-fec)

    OTU4 on 100G Coherent CFP

    • Soft-Decision FEC (soft-fec)

    OTU4 on all other CFPs

    • Swizzle FEC (swiz-fec)

    Optical channel on 400G Coherent MSA XCVR

    • Soft-Decision FEC for the optical channel (sd-fec-25pc)

    Note: This FEC is applied to the optical channel, which can include one or two OTU4 signals.

    Modified: 2017-03-10