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    show protection wavelength group


    show protection wavelength group [ table ]


    This command displays the provisioning details and the status of all provisioned wavelength protection groups on the WPS4s. The information can be displayed in list or in table format.


    Required Privilege Level


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    Sample Output

    bti7800# show protection wavelength group
    Group Name            : wpsgroup:1/1/1 
    Working               : wpsport:1/1/L1A 
    Working status        : Active 
    Protecting            : wpsport:1/1/L1B 
    Protecting status     : Standby 
    Protection Id         : WPS456A 
    Remote Id             : WPS456BR 
    Revertive Type        : Non-Revertive 
    Revertive Time        : 600 seconds 
    Custom                : WPS456  
    bti7800# show protection wavelength group table
    Group Name       Working             Working Status      Protecting          Protecting Status   Revertive Type
    ---------------  ------------------  ------------------  ------------------  ------------------  ------------------
    wpsgroup:1/1/1   wpsport:1/1/L1A     Active              wpsport:1/1/L1B     Standby				    Non-Revertive
    wpsgroup:1/1/2   wpsport:1/1/L2A     Active              wpsport:1/1/L2B     Standby				    Non-Revertive

    Modified: 2017-03-10