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    statistics threshold entity


    [no] statistics threshold entity name [ profileName name ]


    This command applies an existing profile to an entity (usually an interface).


    entity name

    the name of the entity or interface to which you want to apply the profile

    profileName name

    the name of the profile to apply

    Additional Information

    You must create the profile before you can use this command to apply it to an entity.

    Required Privilege Level


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    List of Sample Output

    Sample Output

    The following example applies the obrProfile1 profile to the osc:1/8/0/L1 interface.

    bti7800(config)# statistics threshold entity osc:1/8/0/L1 profileName obrProfile1
    bti7800(config-entity-osc:1/8/0/L1)# commit
    Commit complete.

    Modified: 2017-03-22