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    show statistics current


    show statistics current [ module_id | binLength ]


    This command displays current performance monitoring (PM) statistics for the specified module. If no module is specified, statistics for all modules are displayed.





    Default Value


    The module identifier of the module to display (for example,ufm:1/3).

    An existing module

    None. If no module is specified, all modules are displayed.


    Displays statistics for a specified duration.

    Optionally, you can specify information about the output.

    Duration options:

    • 1Day
    • 1Minute
    • 15Minute
    • unTimed

    Output display optons:

    • percentSamples
    • timestamp
    • validity

    Required Privilege Level

    Sample Output

    This example displays current statistics for the Chassis Management Module in slot A for a one minute duration:

    bti7800# show statistics current cmm:1/A binLength 1Minute
           TIMESTAMP            LENGTH     VALIDITY %SAMPLES                 NAME                      VALUE   
    2013-09-11T01:31:00+00:00       1m      partial    100.0  CPU 1-minute load avg.  ...............  1.54 %   
    2013-09-11T01:31:00+00:00       1m      partial    100.0  Min. value of load avg. ...............  1.35 %   
    2013-09-11T01:31:00+00:00       1m      partial    100.0  Max. value of load avg. ...............  1.64 % 

    Modified: 2017-04-25