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    show equipment


    show equipment [ all | bic | preamplifier | transceiver ]


    This command displays provisioned equipment.







    Displays all provisioned equipment in the system

    By default, all provisioned equipment is displayed


    Displays all provisioned BICs in the system

    By default, all provisioned equipment is displayed


    See show equipment module.


    See show equipment module.


    Displays all provisioned PRE modules in the system

    By default, all provisioned equipment is displayed


    Displays all provisioned transceivers in the system

    By default, all provisioned equipment is displayed

    Additional Information

    The operational state or status can take on the following values:

    • up - The specified equipment is present, administratively enabled, and functioning normally.
    • down - The specified equipment is either administratively disabled, mismatched, or alarmed with a fault that makes it unable to provide its provisioned function.
    • notPresent - The equipment is not present in the location for which it is provisioned.
    • lowerLayerDown - Supporting equipment is reporting an operational state of down.
    • unknown - The operational state of the specified equipment cannot be determined, possibly because it is rebooting.

    Required Privilege Level


    Related Documentation


    Sample Output

    bti7800# show equipment
    Chassis          PEC          Admin State  Oper State  Custom1  Custom2  Custo
    ---------------  -----------  -----------  ----------  -------  -------  -–—–
    chassis:1        BT8A78CH14   enabled      up  
    Module      PEC             Admin State  Oper State  Custom1  Custom2  Custom3 
    ----------  --------------  -----------  ----------  -------  -------  ------- 
    amp:1/4     BT8A78AMP1      enabled      down 
    cmm:1/A     BT8A78CMM1      enabled      up 
    cmm:1/B     BT8A78CMM1      enabled      up 
    fan:1/1     BT8A78FAN1      enabled      up 
    fan:1/2     BT8A78FAN1      enabled      up 
    fan:1/3     BT8A78FAN1      enabled      up 
    fan:1/4     BT8A78FAN1      enabled      up 
    fan:1/5     BT8A78FAN5      enabled      up 
    fan:1/6     BT8A78FAN5      enabled      up 
    ila:1/5     BT8A78AMPL      enabled      down 
    pem:1/1     BT8A78PEM3-DC   enabled      up 
    pem:1/2     BT8A78PEM3-DC   enabled      up 
    roadm:1/8   BT8A78RDM2      enabled      down 
    roadm:1/9   BT8A78RDM2      enabled      down 
    ufm:1/1     BT8A78UFM3      enabled      down 
    ufm:1/3     BT8A78UFM3      enabled      up 
    ufm:1/10    BT8A78UFM3      enabled      down 
    ufm:1/13    BT8A78UFM4      enabled      down 
    wps:1/12    BT8A78WPS4      enabled      down  
    BIC            PEC           Admin State  Oper State  Custom1  Custom2  Custom3 
    -------------  ------------  -----------  ----------  -------  -------  ------- 
    bic:1/1/1      BT8A78SFP12G  enabled      down 
    bic:1/1/2      BT8A78CFP1G   enabled      down 
    bic:1/3/1      BT8A78SFP12G  enabled      up 
    bic:1/3/2      BT8A78CFP1G   enabled      up 
    bic:1/10/1     BT8A78SFP12G  enabled      down 
    bic:1/10/2     BT8A78CFP1G   enabled      down  
    Transceiver          PEC           Admin State  Oper State   Optical Format 
    -------------------  ------------  -----------  -----------  --------------  
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/1                    enabled      up           fixedX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/2                    enabled      up           fixedX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/3                    enabled      up           fixedX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/4                    enabled      up           fixedX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/5                    enabled      up           fixedX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/6                    enabled      up           fixedX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/7                    enabled      up           tunableX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/8                    enabled      up           tunableX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/9                    enabled      up           tunableX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/10                   enabled      up           tunableX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/11                   enabled      up           tunableX1 
    sfpPlus:1/3/1/12                   enabled      up           tunableX1 
    cfp:1/3/2/1          BP3AMDTL      enabled      up           tunableX1  
    Preamplifier         PEC           Oper State       Custom1  Custom2  Custom3 
    -------------------  ------------  ---------------  -------  -------  ------- 
    pre:1/8/1            BT8A78AMPP    notPresent  

    Modified: 2017-04-25