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    show system


    show system


    This command displays system parameters.


    Additional Information

    The HA Status in the output displays the status of the file system synchronization between the active and standby System Controller Managers (SCMs):

    • In Sync: The file systems match on the Active and Backup SCMs.
    • Not Ready: The file system on the Active SCM is not synchronized with the Backup SCM. The following issues might be the cause:

      - The Backup controller is not physically inserted.

      - The Backup controller is present but not operationally up (lost communication with active controller, for example: rebooting, booted from USB as part of the System Recovery procedure)

    • Syncing: The update of the file system to the standby SCM is still in progress.

    Required Privilege Level


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    Sample Output

    bti7800# show system
    Model                     : BTI 7800
    Network Element Type      : WDM
    Software Version          : 4.1.0 25448
    Software Branch           : trunk
    Config DB Version         : 0.1
                 Boot         : 2017-02-27T14:28:12-05:00
                 Current      : 2017-02-27T18:01:41-05:00
                 Uptime       : 0 days, 03:33:29
                 Time Zone    : America/New_York
    Management Address        :
    Management Sources        :
    Management Gateway        :
    NTP                       :
    DNS                       :
    Name                      :
    Contact                   :
    Location                  : UNKNOWN
    Active Controller         : cmm:1/A
    Backup Controller         : cmm:1/B
    HA Status                 : In Sync
    Shelf Mgr F/W autoupgrade : disabled
    Proxy ARP                 : disabled
    Auto Warm Boot            : CMM(enabled) PLD(enabled)

    Modified: 2017-03-10