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    show environment


    show environment [ all | current | fanspeed | power | temperature | voltage ]


    This command displays the environmental sensor readings for installed and provisioned equipment.





    Displays all sensor readings. This is the default setting.


    Displays the (electrical) current sensor readings on BTI7814 AC PEMs


    Displays the fan speed sensor readings


    Displays the power module sensor readings


    Displays the temperature sensor readings for all equipment


    Displays the input voltage sensor readings for all the equipment

    Required Privilege Level


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    Sample Output

    bti7800# show environment
    Results collected on Fri Nov 22 05:00:11 2013:  
    Fan Speed   
    Module      Sensor                  Measurement   
    ---------   ---------------------   -------------   
    fan:1/1     Fan RPM                 1800 rpm(34%)   
    fan:1/2     Fan RPM                 1760 rpm(33%)   
    fan:1/3     Fan RPM                 1680 rpm(32%)   
    fan:1/4     Fan RPM                 1760 rpm(33%)   
    fan:1/5     CBM FAN1 RPM            3036 rpm(58%)   
    fan:1/6     CBM FAN2 RPM            3082 rpm(59%)   
    Module      Sensor                  Measurement     
    ---------   ---------------------   -------------    
    pem:1/1     PEM A1 Input 48V        Power Present   
    pem:1/2     PEM A2 Input 48V        Power Present   
    Module      Sensor                  Measurement     
    ---------   ---------------------   -------------    
    amp:1/4     Line card Temp           49 deg C   
    bic:1/1/1   BIC Temp                 63 deg C   
    bic:1/1/2   BIC Temp                 50 deg C   
    bic:1/3/1   BIC Temp                 36 deg C   
    bic:1/3/2   BIC Temp                 35 deg C   
    bic:1/10/1  BIC Temp                 73 deg C   
    bic:1/10/2  BIC Temp                 55 deg C   
    bic:1/12/1  BIC Temp                 76 deg C   
    bic:1/12/2  BIC Temp                 52 deg C   
    cmm:1/A     CMM Temp                 61 deg C   
    cmm:1/B     CMM Temp                 55 deg C   
    fan:1/1     Exhaust Temp             26 deg C   
    fan:1/1     FAN Temperature          29 deg C   
    fan:1/2     Exhaust Temp             27 deg C   
    fan:1/2     FAN Temperature          28 deg C   
    fan:1/3     Exhaust Temp             27 deg C   
    fan:1/3     FAN Temperature          28 deg C   
    fan:1/4     Exhaust Temp             28 deg C   
    fan:1/4     FAN Temperature          28 deg C   
    fan:1/5     CBM FAN1 Exhaust         28 deg C   
    fan:1/6     CBM FAN2 Exhaust         27 deg C   
    pem:1/1     PEM A1 Temperatu         28 deg C   
    pem:1/2     PEM A1 Temperatu         27 deg C   
    ufm:1/1     Line card Temp           47 deg C   
    ufm:1/3     Line card Temp           37 deg C   
    ufm:1/10    Line card Temp           46 deg C   
    ufm:1/12    Line card Temp           49 deg C   
    ufm:1/13    Line card Temp           49 deg C   
    Module      Sensor                  Measurement     
    ---------   ---------------------   -------------    
    amp:1/4     12V_MAIN                  1.980 Volts   
    amp:1/4     2V5_CORE                  2.479 Volts   
    amp:1/4     2V5_IO                    2.479 Volts   
    amp:1/4     3V3_MAIN                  3.281 Volts   
    amp:1/4     3V3_STBY                  0.674 Volts   
    amp:1/4     5V_MAIN                   4.920 Volts   
    ufm:1/1     12V_MAIN                  1.980 Volts   
    ufm:1/1     2V5_CORE                  2.479 Volts   
    ufm:1/1     2V5_IO                    2.439 Volts   
    ufm:1/1     3V3_MAIN                  3.281 Volts   
    ufm:1/1     3V3_STBY                  0.674 Volts   
    ufm:1/1     5V_MAIN                   4.920 Volts   
    ufm:1/10    12V_MAIN                  1.980 Volts   
    ufm:1/10    2V5_CORE                  2.439 Volts   
    ufm:1/10    2V5_IO                    2.479 Volts   
    ufm:1/10    3V3_MAIN                  3.281 Volts   
    ufm:1/10    3V3_STBY                  0.674 Volts   
    ufm:1/10    5V_MAIN                   4.840 Volts   
    ufm:1/12    12V_MAIN                  1.980 Volts   
    ufm:1/12    2V5_CORE                  2.479 Volts   
    ufm:1/12    2V5_IO                    2.479 Volts   
    ufm:1/12    3V3_MAIN                  3.281 Volts   
    ufm:1/12    3V3_STBY                  0.674 Volts   
    ufm:1/12    5V_MAIN                   4.920 Volts   
    ufm:1/13    12V_MAIN                  1.980 Volts   
    ufm:1/13    2V5_CORE                  2.479 Volts   
    ufm:1/13    2V5_IO                    2.479 Volts   
    ufm:1/13    3V3_MAIN                  3.281 Volts   
    ufm:1/13    3V3_STBY                  0.674 Volts   
    ufm:1/13    5V_MAIN                   4.920 Volts 

    Modified: 2017-03-10