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    logging logarchives copy


    logging logarchives copy { all | files [ filename ] } remote-url protocol:url [ password password ]

    The square brackets [ ] surrounding the filename are required as part of the command.


    This command copies system log files to a remote location.





    Default Value


    Copies all system log files

    files [ filename ]

    Copies the specified system log file(s)

    Note: The square brackets [ ] surrounding the filename are required as part of the command.

    One or more existing system log files

    remote-url protocol:url

    The remote location where you want to copy the system log file(s)


    username is the username to use on the remote server.

    host is the host name or IP address of the remote server.

    port is the protocol port number to use.

    filepath is the filepath on the remote server.

    If username is not specified, the current CLI session’s login name is used.

    If port is not specified, the standard default SCP, FTP, or SFTP port is used.

    If filepath is not specified, the file is copied to the SCP/FTP/SFTP user’s home directory.

    password password

    The password associated with the specified username

    If a password is not specified, the system prompts you for a password.

    Note: The password must contain alphanumeric characters only.

    A character string


    Required Privilege Level


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    Sample Output

    bti7800# logging logarchives copy files [ system.log ] remote-url ftp://user@
    Value for 'password' (<string>): ************ 

    Modified: 2017-04-25