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AppFormix VNF Monitoring


AppFormix VNF Configuration

AppFormix will identify all the instances on the hosts/devices where AppFormix Agent is installed. You need to specify the following in your group_vars/all:

After you install Agent on hosts/devices, AppFormix identifies all the instances running on those hosts/devices.

In addition to posting those instances, AppFormix will also post instances with name prefixed as vsrx and vjunos network devices. You can go to the AppFormix Dashboard Settings -> Network Devices and input essential information for those devices.

If your VNF has a name prefix other than vsrx and vjunos, you can manually add those network devices from the Settings page. Select Virtual as your Chassis Type and input this VNF's Instance ID.

AppFormix VNF Monitoring

AppFormix supplies VNF monitoring by using both instance metrics (instance CPU, memory, disk usage, and so on.) and SNMP Network Device metrics (interface, TCP states, routes metrics, and so on.). You can travel between instance and network device of this VNF easily. As you can see in Figure 1 and Figure 2, you can find the instance tag in device view and device tag in instance view.

Figure 1: Instance Tag in Network Device View
Instance Tag in Network
Device View
Figure 2: Device Tag in Instance View
Device Tag in Instance

For the Network Topology page, click the VNF object to show the connection between this VNF and its host. Also, the pop up of this object is linked to both the Network Device and Instance view.

Figure 3: Connection Between VNF and Host
Connection Between VNF and Host