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Understanding the AppFormix Architecture


AppFormix provides resource control and visibility for hosts, containers, and virtual machines in your cloud and network infrastructure. Figure 1 shows the AppFormix architecture.

Figure 1: AppFormix Architecture
AppFormix Architecture

The software consists of multiple components:

  • Agent monitors resource usage on compute nodes.

  • Controller offers REST APIs to configure the system.

  • DataManager stores data from multiple agents.

  • Dashboard provides a Web-based user interface.

  • An adapter discovers platform-specific resources and configures controller. Adapters exist for OpenStack, Kubernetes, NorthStar, and VMware.

The agent component runs on the lowest level "compute nodes" of the infrastructure that provide computational resources to execute application workload. A compute node can be a bare-metal host or a virtual machine.

The remaining components run on a class of infrastructure node(s) that execute services that power software-defined infrastructure, such as the OpenStack infrastructure service nodes. A host on which AppFormix control plane components execute is a Platform Host (likely a virtual machine). A Platform Host requires network connectivity to all of the compute nodes and to infrastructure services that manage the infrastructure.

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